About Me

What do you want to know.....
well my name is Sarah & I'm a 36 year old mom from Birmingham & mom to four children, five if you count the hubby.
I've been married to my best friend Kev for 11 years.
Our children are Lauren our eldest who is 10, then Georgia who is 3 & finally non-identical twin boys Oscar & Finley who are 18 months old.
I worked up until I had the twins & then became a stay at home mom which I have found quite difficult to adjust to.

I love to read, I've usually always got my nose in a book.
I love going to gigs & the theatre.
I support Birmingham City FC.
I have a new found love for American Football & my team are New England Patriots.
I love the colour green.
I love tea ALOT, my hubby makes it best.
I think I'm a good friend, my best friends mean the world to me.
I wish I was a better cook.
I hope blogging makes me new friends & a better writer.

Hope you enjoy. Please say hi, I don't bite, I promise, unless of course you are pinching my crisps :)

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