Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Thank You Matilda Mae xx

If I'm honest I do hug & kiss my children a lot but I don't as many craft or playtime activities with them.  I have four children, a ten year old at school & three at home.  I read with them, play stickle bricks but I'm also busy with household chores etc so when I get a spare half an hour or so I usually sit down & drink tea, check facebook or twitter rather than do things like paint.
Seven weeks ago the blogging world was shocked & upset when baby Matilda was found sleeping at 9 months old.  I remember Jennie tweeting the following day & I was sobbing. A mommy & daddy we can't forget David who are struggling just to breath, yet they are still finding time to play games with their nearly three year old twins. 
From reading Jennie's blog its inspired me to love more, laugh more, hug more, play more & shout less. 

So yesterday we painted, I wasn't bothered if a bit of paint got on their clothes or carpet & for half an hour (the boys wanted breakfast) we had fun with paint.

G waiting patiently to paint.

G Van Greaves

So thank you Matilda Mae & mom Jennie for making me realise how special my children are to me.
Twinkle brightly Matilda xxx

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  1. What a truly lovely post and I think one which we can all relate too. I too play with my daughter a lot but I often, especially with a newborn, do games that don't involve a lot of effort. I really ought to do more arts and crafts with her. x