Friday, 19 April 2013

A Little Bit Lately

This post has been inspired by Hayley. It's just a quick summary of what I've been doing lately.

Well I have just started a book called The Drought which I've been asked to read so I can write a review at the end.  I do love my kindle but I'm rubbish when it comes to using it.  I prefer the good old fashioned paperback.  Also I made the mistake of buying Ali Harris first novel Miracle on Regent Street & it keeps looking at me from the book shelf, saying read me. read me.  I will try to resist.

I'm been watching Broadchurch staring David Tennant, Pauline Quirke & Will Mellor.  Its an eight part drama about Tennant playing a Detective trying to finding the murderer of a young boy in a seaside town.  There is only one episode left & we still don't know who has done it. It could be one of about two or three people.  I'm going to be so gutted when its finished.

Listening to
It's finally starting to feel like spring, a bit of sunshine makes me a whole lot happier & my music taste changes with the weather.  I never tire of listening to Paul Weller or Ocean Colour Scene but when the sun is shining we like to play SKA or reggae.  Number one song being played this week is a song by Symarip called Skinhead Girl.

I'm new to the blogging world. I'm still finding my feet & still have bits to fill in but I love it when I log on & see that someone has looked at my blog. There are so many blogs that I read & if I'm half as good as them in twelve months or so I will be very pleased.

Thinking About
In the past few days, since the sun has shown its lovely face, I've also been thinking about my garden.  I'm no way green fingered but the now the boys are walking I want to let them play in the garden.  At the mo, its not very child friendly so I need to give it a big spring clean.  Maybe we could plant a few seeds, I'm sure G would love that.  Hmmm are there any plants/flowers that can be planted any time of the year??

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  1. I am the same with my Kindle, I love it for the convenience but it just feels so much better to read a real book! We have just planted some sunflowers which are still okay to be planted, especially because it has only just started to warm up. Welcome to the blogging world and thanks for using my A Little Bit Lately xx