Friday, 26 April 2013

Letting go...just a bit....

My eldest daughter is ten years old, she is in year 5 so in a little more than twelve months she will be leaving junior school to go to big school.  After ALOT of talking & umming & arring I decided it would be ok for her to walk home from school on her own.  Now the school is literally only about two minutes away, if I'm in the garden, I can hear the school bell go, but this was still a HUGE thing for me. 

The rules were come straight home, cross at with the lollipop man, come straight home, don't talk to anyone, come straight home!!!

On Monday evening I was planning on doing a Magic Moments piece on how it only had seemed five minutes since I had taken her to school on her first day & now she was coming home on her own.  But I couldn't find the photo of her first day at school so was going to do it Tuesday evening instead.  I am glad I didn't do the piece as on Tuesday, she decided to walk her friend home first instead.  Her friend lives in the next road & she was only ten minutes later than usual but I was so mad, so scared that something had happened to her.  She was very sorry for what she did & as punishment I took her phone from her & have picked her up from school for the remainder of the week.

I think this is the hard bit, letting go of the reins & trying not worry as much as I do?  Letting her make her own decisions.  Letting her out of my sight.  I know is only going to get worse but I've got to let go a bit haven't I?

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  1. I dread this and I have a long while to go yet. It must be hard to know what is best and how to best give them their freedom while still keeping them safe.

    Good luck! x