Saturday, 9 March 2013

Happy Anniversary to Me

The 8th March is a very special day for me & my hubby as its our anniversary of our first date & the day we got married.
It was 14 years ago on 7th March which was a Sunday night that I came out the pub & my friend said she had a missed call on her mobile from a number she didn't know.  It was Kev's, she said "phone him back then" I said "no its too late" but she was having none of it so she phoned & asked for him.  I was a bit tipsy so plucked up the courage to ask him out on a date.  To my surprise he said yes & said he would phone the next day to arrange a time & place to meet.
The next day at 10am he phoned like he said he would & we arranged to meet later that evening at 8pm.  I remember being so nervous on my bus journey into town.  But we had a great time, non stop talking & there was never an uncomfortable silences.
Fast forward 3 years & we were in Gretna Green getting married.  We married at 7pm the last wedding of the day as this was the closest time to meeting on our first date.  A number of people travelled with us & we had a great time sat in the hotel bar, drinking, chatting & laughing.
Its now 2013, 4 kids, lots of grey hair for me, less for him & I'm still so in love with him, my best friend.  We celebrated this year by going for a meal to Purnell's Bistro. We had a lovely time & it was nice just to be the 2 of us, something that we don't do often enough.
Here's to many more happy years :) 

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