Monday, 1 April 2013

Writing for me?

As you can tell from the number of posts that have been posted I am VERY new to blogging.  The truth is I am scared to write down my feelings or thoughts because of what people may think.  Especially people who I know but are not necessarily friends with.  I know I shouldn't care as I don't care about these people but I've had a life of being called names and I just don't want to be judged or have people say horrible things about what I write. 
I read people's blogs & they just flow,  they are easy to read, they have lots to write about but for me, I struggle to write a paragraph. I know it takes practice but I so hope that in time I can be like these people.
Even as I'm writing this I think, should I publish it so the world can see or should I just leave this as a thought in my head?! 

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