Monday, 1 April 2013

To MY Boys - 19 months

To My Darling Baby Boys
First I really wish I had started this blog earlier so I could write to you some more, lots of things have passed which I won't remember to tell you but I guess now is a good a time as any.  I know you are not babies anymore but you will always be my babies & don't worry I will be writing to your sisters aswell.
I really can't believe 19 months have passed since you first arrived on that Thursday morning on 1 September.  My waters breaking in the middle of the night, arriving at the hospital when it was dark & the hospital was quiet.  Walking into theatre knowing that we would be finding out what our final two children would be.  Your daddy saying with tears in his eyes....its a boy & then two minutes later its another boy.  We were so happy.
Fast forward through LOTS of sleepless nights, yes I'm talking to you Finley & we find you now 19 months old. I was so proud last week when for the first time I walked with you, one on each side to the car from the shops.  I so wish daddy had taken a photo of the moment but I know there will be more moments like this especially now spring is nearly upon us so we can get out more.
I loved it Oscar, yesterday when your sister put on her rabbit ears & you did the sign language for it. You & Finley both love Mr Tumble so you must have picked it up from there.  Whenever Mr Tumble appears on the tv you both go mad to let me know he's on the screen.
Finley you are so clever, trying to copy the alphabet on the peppa pig game. You can both say mom, dad, nan, bapper (Capper) & you both try to say Georgia. Lolly we know is a lot harder to say.
On Saturday we all, apart from daddy, had haircuts.  This was the first time you both had your hairs cut.  I was so worried that you would scream or play up but you were both so good.  Finley sitting on my lap & Oscar sitting on Aunty Karen's. I don't know what I worried about.  Thank you for being good boys & I'm glad that Oscar still has his curls.
The more times I write to you both I will fill the letters with stories from when you were babies.
I love you both so much.
Love Mommy xxx

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