Sunday, 12 May 2013

Too close to home

On Friday evening I checked into facebook as I usually do a hundred times a day & the first post I saw was "more distressing news", oh no I thought what's happened? I clicked on the comments to find out that someone had been shot dead in a pub which is opposite my old senior school which is about five minutes from my house.  I clicked on further comments to find out it was someone I actually knew of!
What kind of world do we live in when someone can walk into a pub & pull the trigger on a man, a father, a son, a brother, a friend? & the shitty part is, Marlon wasn't even the target.  According to the report the target had just popped to the toilet when the attack happened & Marlon was wearing the same white t.shirt.
It makes me so scared of what this city will become when my children become teenagers. I want to pack my bags & few precious belongings & get the hell out of here.  But where would I go? Would I be better away from a big city like Birmingham? Would I be better in a smaller city or town or by the seaside? Probably not. Social media makes things so much more accessible to see and hear, so things do seem worse than they did 10 or 15 years ago.
It just makes me so sad that tonight Tyrone is without his brother, his mom is without a son, his girlfriend is without her partner, his sons are without their dad & his best friends have lost their drinking partner.


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