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Walk For Kids - Sunday 19 May 2013

Its been a while since I've sat at the computer to write for my blog.  When the hubby is on nights I just don't get time.
Anyway just under two weeks ago I walked 26 miles for Walk for Kids with my best friend Craig. There were three charities that had been chosen for the money to be raised for.  Harry Moseley's charity Help Harry Help Others, Birmingham Women's Hospital & Cure Leukaemia for Kids, three fantastic children's charities.
As I put in my blurb for my Just Giving page, I suffer with a bad back, having four kids & constantly picking them up never does help it so a number of times I thought about not doing it.  Then I thought about what Harry Moseley went through, all with a smile on his face & always thinking of others.  He was one of my inspirations to finish.
Another inspiration was Matilda Mae, in February, Matilda Mae was taken far to soon & if I could have, I would have raised money for The Lullaby Trust.  As I couldn't choose where the money I raised went, I walked in her memory.

Me at the start - I was smiling. Would I be smiling at the end?

So Sunday morning arrived. The weather forecast was sunny in the morning until around 11am & then cloudy so silly me never took suncream.  This was my biggest mistake of the day!  We started the walk at 8.30am & we set ourselves an impossible target to finish at 3.30pm.  This would mean we would have to walk nearly four miles an hour constantly for seven hours.

On the left, my hubby's old school & on the right Villa ewww Park!

As we reached Villa Park we had about a mile or so until the next check point & what would be half way.  That mile or so was such a struggle, I thought it was not going to end.  But we made it to the check point & had our first proper break from walking.  We sat down & refuelled with drinks & energy bars.
I didn't find I was stuggling until about five miles to go, this I think was because I was about two minutes from home. The weather wasn't helping, it was really hot & my fingers were swollen & felt funny.

1. The start of the walk.
2. Me & my best friend Craig.
3. In the distance - Birmingham Women's hospital.
4. Harborne
5. Handsworth Park
6. Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock - the tallest free standing clock in the world.

I hit the wall with about three miles to go, putting one foot in front of the other was a struggle. This is when I thought about Harry Moseley, what he achieved in his eleven years in this world & how he wouldn't have moaned about a few aches or pains.
And so at 4.30pm, eight hours after we started we crossed the finished line, tired, achy legs for me, sore feet for Craig & both VERY sunburnt. 

With two miles to go, I said I would NEVER do it again but I would. So until next year......

PS. There is still time to sponser me if you want? So if you've got a spare pound?

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