Thursday, 27 June 2013

Nail Varnish

Whenever I look at photographs one of the things I always look at is what the girls nails look like. I love nail varnish & how it looks but if there is one thing I am not good at its putting nail varnish on, especially on the left hand.

I have a tendancy to shake, more so when I'm nervous or if someone is watching me do something, its something I've had since I was young. I can't put liquid eyeliner on for this reason.  I know this probably happens to a lot of people when they stand in front of an audience but this happens to me all the time it just gets a lot worse when I feel under pressure & I really hate it when people point it out as this also makes it worse.  So trying to use my left hand to put nail varnish usually ends badly. The nail varnish ends up looking lumpy & then because I don't like that I just end up sitting & picking at it until its all come off.

Last week I went into the chemist & saw a bottle of nail varnish that I loved the colour of, so what did I do, I brought it. 

I then had an idea, maybe if I did one nail at a time then it might work. 

Below are my results.  Not bad I don't think, even if it did take me a few hours to do.  Please note my middle finger nail on my left hand doesn't grow, it starts to grow & then splits so I just keep it short otherwise its sore when I catch it on clothes etc.

I'm really pleased with my results, its the first time ever at the grand old age of 36 that I'm wearing nail varnish that I've put on myself & its stayed on.  I might even go back tomorrow & choose another colour in the Rimmel Pro range. Unless you can recommend another nail varnish thats good to use.

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