Friday, 22 March 2013

My Blog....

Well my blog is finally taking shape.  I have to say a big, huge massive thank you to the wonderful Lauren who has helped me over the past few weeks.
Now the design bit is done, I suppose I should get down to some writing.
I finally uploaded my photos from my camera onto the computer & have come to the decision that the boys 1. need a haircut & 2. have always got dirty faces.  I suppose that is what comes with having boys?  If they are not mushing tomato into their hair they are climbing onto the computer table or onto the window sill.  Why are boys so messy?

I really want to become a better photographer so I know I have to take more photographs. Most the time though I just forget, like yesterday, we were playing a memory game & playing bubbles, a perfect opportunity for me to take photos for memories but the camera is still in the cupboard. 

I was going to try to take some photographs today but G was ill during the night & hasn't moved from the sofa today.  Of course I hate my children being ill but I'm no good with sicky children, my hubby usually sorts out the mess while I look after the little one but he was at work last night.  I hope she feels better soon & more than anything I hope the bug isn't passed onto the other 3 children in the house.

I know I'm new to this blogging lark but I hope the writing flows soon like it does when I read others??  I think I'm just scared of what people will say about what I write when I know I shouldn't care as the writing is for ME, my online diary which I just happen to let other people read.

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