Saturday, 16 March 2013

Two years today.....

Two years ago today I was on my way to the hospital for a 12 week scan.  If I'm honest all I wanted to see was a heartbeat.  I had felt strange with this pregnancy, I kept thinking I was going to lose the baby, it was as if I was going to have a period.

We sat in the waiting room & while we waited we were choosing what horses we wanted as it was Cheltenham week. I haven't a clue when it comes to horse racing so was just choosing names based on certain things.  I remember there was a Chicago named horse & I would have choosen this as I was watching ER at the time & ER is based there.  I went & had my weight taken & my blood pressure & then we had to wait another 10 minutes before we went in for the actual scan.

We had wanted another baby so Georgia who was 15 months at the time would have someone to play with as her big sister Lauren is nearly 7 years older than her.

We were called into the room. I get very excited when we have scans but this time I was nervous.  The man put the cold jelly on my belly & straight away I could see a flickering from a heartbeat.  There was a more senior nurse in with him.  After a moment or so she took the scanner from him to have a look herself & then said........ "Do twins run in the family?"  I said "Yes!!" there was a slight pause & then I said "are we having twins?" "Yes" she said.  I then swore.

Kev who had been holding my hand, squeezed a bit tighter & went very pale!  The nurse asked if he wanted some water.  As we looked, there on the screen were two little people. They were in different sacs so would be non-identical.

We came out the room in a daze. OMG we're going to have twins! We sat in the waiting room as had to see another nurse & were both staring at the scan pictures. The lady opposite who was with her daughter in law smiled & asked us how it had gone, we  showed her the one photo & then the next one.  I said "no more expensive holidays for us" & the woman said "yes but think of all the extra love & cuddles you will have" & she was right.

As soon as we left the hospital I phoned my mom.  She said how was it?  I said it was fine, then I said are you sitting down? & she said yes why? I said cus there are two heartbeats. Que the tears!!

We walked around Asda in a daze, came home & we were both just sitting there staring into space. We were REALLY happy but in shock.  How would I cope during the pregnancy? Would I be able to carry the babies full term?  I have a Unicornuate uterus which simply means I only have one fallopian tube. It is very rare apparently & I only found out I had this after I had Lauren because it was taking ages to conceive with Georgia.
I was reading some stories that they were told to rest alot as pregnancy could result in miscarriage & carrying twins would be more pressure.

I didn't rest, I worked until I was 35 weeks & gave birth 13 days later to two healthy boys who weighed in at 6lb 9oz & 5lb 13oz.

The last 18 months have been difficult, its been so tiring but so worth it. My family is definitely now complete.

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